Malmporten is Sweden's largest dredging project in modern times, but is above all a project that signifies great gains for the environment, society and people. At present, vessels are unable to arrive with a full cargo or take on a full load of cargo at the quayside, because the harbour and fairways in Luleå are too shallow. When the project has been completed, the Port of Luleå will be able to receive larger vessels with a full cargo and dispatch three to four times as much cargo as at present, thanks to deeper fairways and a new deep harbour that makes maritime transport more efficient, with a greatly reduced environmental impact. The Malmporten project enables growth and improved competitiveness, sustainable transition and vibrant communities in the north.

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About the partners in the project

The Malmporten project is a partnership between Luleå Hamn AB, the Municipality of Luleå, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Transport Administration. The project is being implemented by the National Maritime Administration and the Port of Luleå. The National Maritime Administration is responsible for all dredging in the port and the fairways, and will update the fairway buoyage. The Port of Luleå is responsible for building the new deep harbour. The Swedish Transport Administration has investigated the various options for capacity-raising measures in the Port of Luleå, including fairways. The Swedish Transport Administration is funding the work on the fairways through the national plan for infrastructure.The planning of the project has received co-funding from the European Union.

The Port of Luleå is Sweden’s third-largest freight port and one of Sweden's five ‘CORE’ ports. This means that the port of Luleå is designated as strategically important and is prioritised by the EU. Among other things, no less than 90% of EU iron ore production passes through here. The Port of Luleå of crucially important not just for community development and growth in Luleå and the county of Norrbotten but also for the sustainable transition of Sweden, Europe and the world.

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National Maritime Administration

On behalf of the Swedish Parliament and the Swedish Government, the National Maritime Administration is responsible for accessibility, manoeuvrability and safety at sea.

Around 90% of all goods and raw materials to and from Sweden travel by sea. No other mode of transport can cope with the huge volumes in a more efficient and sustainable way. This is where the National Maritime Administration has its core activity.

The National Maritime Administration provides and develops safe, environmentally friendly and efficient sea routes with service around the clock. In addition, it offers services that also make a difference for the business community, private individuals and society at large.

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The remit of the Swedish Transport Administration is to be responsible for long-term infrastructure planning for road traffic, rail traffic, shipping and aviation and for the construction and operation of state-owned roads and railways.

The Swedish Transport Administration is required to ensure that the transport system works, which is crucial for society to function. We at the Swedish Transport Administration create the conditions for all transport and travel to be as good and as safe as possible, regardless of location, and with consideration for the environment and health.

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Luleå Hamn AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Luleå Kommunföretag AB, which in turn is 100% owned by the Municipality of Luleå.

The Municipality of Luleå is standing surety to the tune of around SEK 1.3 billion for the investments required in the Port of Luleå within the Malmporten project. This means that Luleå Hamn AB is tasked with investing in and carrying out dredging and quay works, at a cost of up to SEK 1,347 million at 2019 prices, for which the Municipality of Luleå will stand surety.

Part of the purpose of the Malmporten project is to ensure that Luleå has a port that will continue to work well for shipping in the future. The Malmporten project is considered to be crucial to maintaining the role of the Port of Luleå as a transport hub for exporting industry in the county of Norrbotten and, above all, to Luleå as a city being able to continue to excel as a maritime city and port.